Hypucem is a spin-off company founded by four scientists coming from the University of Naples and from the National Research Council of Italy.

The team has patented a new material, a hybrid polyurethane and cement foam. Being made of a polymeric material, the polyurethane foam, and an inorganic material, the cement, it meets the advantages of the two worlds, the organic and the inorganic, all in one material!

The company mission is addressed to the development, production and distribution, also through the use of subcontracting and/or relationships, of innovative materials for specific applications, such as: construction, transport, aerospace, food, environment etc.

The development of innovative and sustainable materials through the application of proprietary or third party technologies, and the consequent protection of intellectual property and the related transfer to producers and distributors also through licensing or transfer agreements.

The granting of intellectual property rights on the national and foreign markets.

Consultancy with reference to innovative materials and more generally any technical consultancy falling within the corporate purpose.

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Portici headquarters (Naples, Italy)

Institute of Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials (IPCB-CNR)
P.le E. Fermi, 1-Loc. Granatello
80055 Portici (NA) – Italy

C.F and P.IVA 06278861213


In ottemperanza alla legge 124 del 4 agosto 2017, pubblichiamo la parte degli aiuti di  stato ricevuti nell’anno 2020

In compliance with Act 124 of 4 August 2017, we publish the part of the state aid received in the year 2020

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